Saturday, September 29, 2018

Pink, Palm Print & Polka Dots

Top: Johanna Ortiz (similar), Skirt: Johanna Ortiz, Shoes: Charolotte Russe (similar here and here), Earrings: Lulus (similar
Photos by: Jonny Villanueva

Bright pink decor, palm print walls, and tea parties, were all key to a fantastic weekend at with my good friend Diana! The minute I laid eyes onto this space, it reminded me of the Beverly Hills Hotel and I was transported back to the 50s. Everything just screams 'Hollywood glamour' and I was living for it. To say that this place is beautiful, is an understatement. The checkerboard floors, the tropical wallpaper, the pink furniture, and the little hints of golden decor, had me head over heels! The little girl in me was jumping up and down inside because she knew she had finally stumbled into her dream home. Could it be because everything was pink and I'm obsessed with pink? Hmm...probably! 

 I was so excited when I saw the tropical print on the wall, because I instantly knew I had packed just the right thing to wear. I whipped out my palm print, satin, skirt by Johanna Ortiz and paired it with a strapless bow top. For this look, I definitely wanted to keep the tropical print skirt as the main focus, so I paired my look with some nude heels and golden earrings. The green tropical colors clashed perfectly with the pink walls. Beautiful Diana, wore a polka dot print dress, which I'm seriously considering getting myself, and she looked phenomenal. 

 After admiring this pretty little kitchen, we knew we had to put it to good use. So, we brewed up some tea and caught up on the latest tea (wink, wink)! With all the wedding planning I was doing, I definitely needed a quick little get away. Sometimes, those little get away's are closer to home than we think. Pair it with great company, chic clothing, pretty pink lipstick, and you have the perfect recipe for a great weekend. 

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Picnic in the Poppies

Dress: Asos (similar), Hat: Free People (similar), Earrings: Misa Los Angeles (similar), Bag: Cult Gaia (similar)
Photos by: Tony Oberstar
I'm usually so excited when the seasons turnover, but this year, I'm having an overwhelming amount of trouble letting go of summer. Maybe it's because it has been one of the best summers I've had in years. I remember when I was a kid, having idyllic summers, rip-roaring around the neighborhood on my scooter, with all of my best friends. I was probably in 5th grade and didn't have a care in the world. We would play basketball all day at the Boys and Girls Club, rollerblade in the park, and then end up in someone's backyard eating cheeseburgers for dinner. I think what I found most exciting about it, was having the time to spend with all of my favorite people doing my favorite activities. 

This summer, I got to see my best friends so much. We had a friends wedding in Mexico, followed by my bachelorette party in Temecula, bridal shower in LA, and then of course, my wedding in Italy. Sure, we were doing fancy, grown up things, like wine tasting and jumping on airplanes, but I had the same joy that I did when I was a kid. But whose to say all of those fun moments have to be reserved for summer anyway? Why should the spontaneous adventures, cross-country road trips, and nights spent dinning al fresco, on a picnic blanket in a field of poppies, be reserved for summer? Summer is synonymous with fun and freedom, but I don't see why we can't make fall, winter and spring just as exciting. 

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Ruffles & Palms

Dress: ASOS (similar here and here), Sunglasses: Storets (similar here and here), Hat: (similar), Earrings: eBay (similar), Shoes: Lulus (similar), Bag: Solace London (similar)
Photos by: Jonny Villanueva

It's no joke that I'm seriously obsessed with ruffles. Is there anything girlier than this beautiful silhouette? I don't think so! Ruffles have a way of making me feel so feminine and chic. I honestly can't imagine a life where I don't wear them, because they're so versatile and perfect for any occasion! I whipped out this pretty little number from my closet and knew it was great for hot summer days in LA. I'm a sucker for pink and floral print, add a little ruffle to the mix and I'm completely sold. 

I couldn't help but make this dress the center of attention when I wore it out to lunch with my girlfriends, so I styled it simply with nude strappy heels, and a chic nude handbag. I definitely wanted to make sure that it POPPED and just to add a little more visual interest, and a retro vibe, I paired it with clear pink aviator shades. 

Are you a fan of ruffles like me? 

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Secret Garden

On me: Top: Johanna Ortiz, Skirt: Storets, Shoes: Charlotte Russe,  Bag: Izzy and Ali, Earrings: Storets
Photos by: Jonny Villanueva

Visit Laura over on her blog!

Hey everyone, I'm so happy to be back!
I know what you're thinking, where have you been!? Under a rock? To which I would answer yes. A massive boulder in fact, they call it "wedding planning". And after the planning comes, well, the wedding. So you can imagine that I was knee deep in seating charts, color palettes and dinner playlists for the past few months (14 to be exact). And while I don't regret a single second of the planning, it did take up a lot of my attention. In the weeks leading up to my wedding, I started to feel really overwhelmed, so much so that it was affecting my sleep and I was having pains in my chest. I tend to be a bit of a worry wart, or a little "neurotic" if you ask my Dad, so yes I was sweating all of the details. So much so that it was causing me a lot of stress. On one week when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, I packed up my car and headed off on a three hour road trip with one of my favorite girls. Laura and I were so excited to see San Louis Obispo and even more excited to indulge in all of the charm of the Madonna Inn! As we drove across the Chumash Highway, and I took in the panoramic views of the mountains, I felt all of my stress melt away. We spent two nights at the Madonna Inn and I went home feeling like a "lighter" version of myself. Sometimes a quick getaway is all you need to reset and re-charge. Our morning stroll in their Secret Garden was magical and I loved being up before the rest of the tourists. 

What do you do when you're feeling stressed?

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Xoxox -E