Friday, September 9, 2016

Beauty Must Have: Murad Skincare

In Partnership with Murad Skincare

A month ago I started a skincare regimen with Murad and my skin is forever changed. What I love about their store is that they have so many lines within the line. What I mean by that, is that if one of their products doesn't suit you, they most likely have another collection that will. My aesthetician recommended the vitamin c products for me and I instantly fell in love with the moisture rich under eye cream and the SPF 30 daily moisturizer. The SPF didn't leave a white cast on my skin and the eye cream served as the perfect base for my makeup. But those aren't the only things that I'm now relying on to keep my skin glowing and fresh. I'm also obsessed with the exfoliating cleanser and the invisiblur. Invisiblur is like a primer and a sunscreen in one and it's the perfect base for makeup. Instead of having to put on SPF 30 and then primer you can do both in one easy step! Since I've started using Murad the small bumps that I used to have all over my forehead have gone away and my skin has been having fewer breakouts. Definitely a worthwhile investment if you ask me. If you haven't tried their products yet I highly recommend them and if you're in the LA area their 3rd street store offers facials and other spa services that are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. You can enter their giveaway to win a $150 Murad Giftcard, just click here!

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