Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How To Bake Your Face

Step 1: Start with applying under eye cream and moisturizer to your face.

Step 2: Add primer and a light base of your favorite foundation.

Step 3. Add concealer to the areas of your face that you would like to highlight. I applied it to my forehead, under eyes, under my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my upper lip. 

Step 4. Spray your beauty blender with makeup setting spray and dip it in loose setting powder. 

Step 5. Dab a generous amount of powder over all of the highlighted areas on your face. 

6. Allow Powder to "bake" for 5-10 minutes then dust off carefully with a powder brush. During the bake time you can add mascara, smokey eye shadow or bold lipstick. 

In Collaboration With Dermstore

Makeup trends are huge and baking your face is the latest one that has everyone buzzing. How do celebrities get flawless red carpet makeup that leaves them with a long lasting glow for hours? They bake their face of course! I know you're thinking, what on earth does that mean, so that's why I've broken down the process into six easy steps. In this tutorial, I'm showing you how to bake your way to flawless skin with some of my favorite products from Dermstore. Using a beauty blender, makeup setting spray, loose powder, primer and concealer I've created a matte makeup look to give you a flawless complexion. It's perfect for a photoshoot or the red carpet. If you like this tutorial be sure to subscribe to my channel for more!

Thanks so much for watching! 
Xoxo -E


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