Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty Product Review: Arcona Skin Care

Arcona Products (c/o) From left to right: Triad Pads, Brightening Gommage, Magic White Ice

I recently started using three skin care products by Arcona, a holistic skin care brand based in Santa Monica.  I always love to find great products, whether it be at a department store or my neighborhood CVS; good skin care is a must.

The Triad Pads are my favorite! They remove makeup, tone, hydrate and firm your skin all while smelling good enough to eat -- it's the cranberry extract. After I used them my skin felt silky smooth and refreshed. They're great for me since I hate to buy multiple products! It's more time and more money for no real extra value. The fact that one powerful pad does so many things is nothing short of skin care product brilliance.

 Next the Brightening Gommage is a powerful skin exfoliator where a little goes a long way. Not only does it exfoliate skin, but it also brightens and reduces the appearance of discoloration caused by things like sunspots, or scars from pesky little pimples. After using it for a few weeks (2-3 times a week) my skin is really clear and smooth. So many people forget about exfoliating, and it's just so important!

 Lastly, the Magic white ice is a daily hydrating gel that is light enough to not clog pores, but substantial enough to moisturize any skin type all day. It doesn’t burn or irritate my sensitive skin which is a problem that I have had with other products in the past. 

If you're like me, and are often wary of trying new products because of fear that you won't like them, a recommendation is always a great way to go. Arcona has really great products that are definitely worth trying!


  1. Great review...I have never heard of this brand but I am always looking for a good exfoliation creme...will have to seek them out online.

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