Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fit and Flare

Dress: ASOS, Coat: ASOS, Tights: Target, Necklace: J Crew, Earrings: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors, Purse: Gianni Bernini, Shoes: Gucci

I know, I know, another full skirt. What can I say, it's an addiction. I couldn't help that this gorgeous fit and flare dress was speaking to me this morning. It was perfect for today's cold chilly weather -- paired with tights, of course. 


  1. This outfit has just the right amount of style elements mixed up with casual and definitely says I am cool we can be friends LOL.

  2. this is a very beautiful dress, it looks very nice to you, but it seems to me you would have approached a lighter shade

  3. I love this dress It looks very awesome to you wow. good work sister.


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